What Kind Of Woman Are Alpha Males Attracted To?

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

This is a question I’ve heard so many times, so I decided to write an article to answer it.

What Kind Of Woman Are Alpha Males Attracted To?

In particular,an alpha male is the guy everyone wants because he is charming, attractive, and a natural leader. You will need to demonstrate that you are on par with him and have a lot to offer if you want to pursue him.Because you have so much to offer, that is perfect!This article will discuss the qualities to exhibit in order to convince him that he requires you.If you want to know what kind of woman an alpha male likes, keep reading — if you focus on these advice, you will definitely win his heart!

Alpha Male Meaning

“Alpha” males are those at the top of the social status hierarchy. They have greater access to power, money, and mates, which they gain through physical prowess, intimidation, and domination. Alphas are typically described as the “real men.” In contrast are the “Beta” males: the weak, submissive, subordinate guys who are low status, and only get access to mates once women decide to settle down and go searching for a “nice guy.”

This distinction, which is often based on observations among other social animals (such as chimpanzees and wolves) paints a very black and white picture of masculinity. Not only does it greatly simplify the multi-dimensionality of masculinity, and grossly underestimate what a man is capable of becoming, but it also doesn’t even get at the heart of what is really attractive to women.

As the expression goes, when all you have is a hammer, all you see are nails. When we impose just two categories of male on the world, we unnecessarily mislead young men into acting in certain predefined ways that aren’t actually conducive to attracting and sustaining healthy and enjoyable relationships with women, or finding success in other areas of life. So it’s really worth examining the link between so-called “alpha” behaviors (such as dominance) and attractiveness, respect, and status.


Here’s The Type of Woman An Alpha Male Is Attracted to

The alpha man usually like women who radiate feminine energy, and who also are emotionally independent, confident and successful.

Not to mention, they usually choose a partner who understands his fundamental needs: feeling free, appreciated and respected.

Also, an alpha, masculine man usually feels drawn to — and eventually falls in love with — the woman who makes him feel emotionally safe.

The woman we’re talking about makes him feel emotionally safe like no one else can do (more about this below in this post).

These characteristics are probably the most important ones. However, these are not the only traits alpha males tend to look for in a woman.

Qualities An Alpha Man Likes in a Woman

What follows is a list of the most important qualities an alpha man truly values in a woman.

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As I said, alpha males tend to feel attracted to feminine women — while women with a strong masculine energy usually turn them off.

A feminine woman is a person who:

  • is soft,
  • warm,
  • playful,
  • doesn’t do drama,
  • doesn’t control him,
  • makes him feel respected and appreciated,
  • lets him lead the relationship.

Letting him take the lead in the relationship means letting him do things like:

  • initiating contact most of the time,
  • organizing the dates and,
  • setting the pace of the relationship.

The reason why an alpha man is usually drawn to the feminine woman is not just because he feels masculine with her.

What generally causes this strong attraction is the law of polarity.

As Tony Robbins explains, according to this law, when a masculine and a feminine individual meet — and each of them truly embraces their own leading energy — there can be that strong spark, also known as sexual energy.

The more opposed the energies between them are — masculine vs feminine energy — the stronger the attraction will be.


Obviously, alpha men are also attracted to women who take good care of themselves.

Now, this thing alone won’t make someone their ideal woman, but it’s an important point to mention.

If you think about it, that’s a sign of a woman who loves herself. And only a woman who truly loves herself can be a healthy partner.

According to research, physical appearance plays an important role in determining attractiveness and selecting a potential mate, especially for men.

A woman who takes care of herself has healthy habits, takes good care of both her body and mind, and dress elegantly. And this is something alpha men tend to like.

See, all these things combined together have a positive impact on a woman’s overall appearance, as they help her inner beauty shine through.

The woman of the alpha man’s dreams is not like any other woman.

Nope. She’s interesting. Unique.

To begin with, she’s not afraid of doing the things she genuinely loves. Even when that means being considered different or having an unpopular hobby.

And she doesn’t go in the direction other people expect her to go. For example, if her parents tell her to find a good job in a large company while all she wants is to build her own business, she’ll build her own thing.

Also, she doesn’t hang out with the people she is supposed to hang out with.

If she wants to be friends with a woman who’s twenty years older than her, she won’t care what other people think. She’ll hang out with her.

If she loves to travel alone, she’ll do that. Even when everyone else tells her she’s boring or asocial.

She’ll always have that healthy who cares attitude, which is what makes her interesting and intriguing to the alpha man.

One of the most important things the alpha man looks for in a woman is emotional safety.

The woman he falls in love with, is in fact his safe haven.

In other words, he will fall for the woman who will not only respect him, but also support and protect him on an emotional level.

The alpha man will only fall in love with someone who:

  • doesn’t judge him;
  • doesn’t criticize him;
  • has a strong empathy;
  • knows how to communicate assertively;
  • doesn’t only take, but also gives;
  • sets healthy boundaries without hurting him;
  • knows how to handle conflict;
  • makes him feel appreciated;
  • makes him feel respected.

Another important trait that makes a woman attractive to an alpha male is emotional independence.

As explained in Psychology Today, “Emotional independence is that inner feeling that you can face any circumstance. It means building your sense of self on your own, without depending on others to be happy.”

In a nutshell, an emotionally independent woman:

  • Is in love with her own life, with or without him;
  • Feels complete with or without a partner;
  • Gives him plenty of space;
  • Can spend time on her own without feeling lonely — because, as I mentioned before, she is in love with her life;
  • Is confident and doesn’t perceive other women as a threat to the relationship.


To sum up, here’s the combination of the traits the alpha man usually likes in a woman — and looks for in a potential long-term partner:

  1. She is highly feminine;
  2. Takes good care of herself;
  3. She’s interesting and don’t follow the herd;
  4. Is his safe haven;
  5. Is emotionally independent.



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We tackle the issues and questions most relevant to men that cover every aspect of a man's life wolfmale.com